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The Importance of Play: Sensory Development


There is so much more to playgrounds than just a place for children to have fun. A playground is an incredible learning opportunity for kids of all ages, and there are multiple ways to include equipment that can help kids develop vital skills.


Playgrounds provide multi-sensory experiences that can help build a child’s brain more quickly, and in this blog series, we will touch on the 5 main developmental areas: sensory, motor skills, strength, cognitive skills, and social/emotional skills.


In this blog, we are talking about all things Sensory!

In order to process information properly, your sensory nervous system must intake physical senses. Our senses include: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.


Each of these senses are something everyone can work on developing, and is crucial for children at a young age. By including playground equipment that taps into those specific senses, you can create a highly inclusive playground for everyone to enjoy.


Our partners at Landscape Structures have a multitude of amazing playground features that can add a sensory element to your space. From small additions, to full playgrounds focussed on sensory development, there are so many innovative solutions to include.

Roller Slide

Web_Presentation-CO - Veterans Memorial Park - 90

This specific slide can be added to any PlayBooster® structure and brings a unique sensory element to your playground. 

Compared to a regular slide, the roller feature incorporates touch and sound to a child’s sliding experience.

Fun Mirror Panel®

Web_Presentation-Fun Mirror Panel®

Great for kids aged 2-5, this two-sided, rotatable mirror is highly engaging and helps kids develop their peripheral vision and visual tracking. 

The Fun Mirror Panel® encourages creative thinking and imaginative play.

Marble Panel®

Web_Presentation-Marble Panel®

With a variety of textures, shapes, with a unique visual component, the Marble Panel® is a great sensory addition to any playground.

Children can experience this panel by rolling and spinning the marbles with their hands.

Xylofun Panel®

Web_Presentation-Xylofun Panel®

A great way to add sight, sound, and touch all in one amazing piece! The Xylofun Panel® is a fun way for children to create music while playing at the park.

The possibilities are truly endless when adding Sensory elements to your playground. Whether you are looking for new additions, or are currently planning your new community playground, our team can help find the perfect pieces that are not only fun, but engaging!


Contact our team to set-up a free consultation for your project!