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Why Site Furnishings Are Just As Important As the Main Feature Of Your Park


When planning a playground or splash pad, it can be easy to get caught up in the main features of your outdoor space, but some of the most valuable features are the ones your community uses most. Site furnishings make spaces more comfortable and useful for users. For example, seating and tables create places for people to gather, spend time together, and socialize. Furthermore, site furnishings such as garbage receptacles and ash urns help keep your outdoor environment clean and tidy. In addition, commercial bike racks prevent guests from parking against trees, signs, and fences. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the most important site amenities and how they can benefit your outdoor space.

1. Chairs and Tables

Table sets create public spaces for guests to relax, meet, and gather. With several size, material, and style options, you’ll be sure to find a table set that is suitable for your project. It’s also important to remember to include wheelchair accessible table sets in your outdoor space.   

2. Park Benches

Park benches are a must-have site amenity in any outdoor space. Park benches allow individuals or small groups to sit beside each other. Additionally, park benches can be personalized with a custom etched zinc plaque that commemorates a loved one, promotes your organization, city, or school logo. Custom park benches can also feature the logo of your company or community group within the bench itself. This would be a great recognition opportunity for donors who supported your project.

3. Trash and Recycling Receptacles
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Provide a solution to your litter and recycling needs with durable, weather-resistant trash and recycling receptacles. Furthermore, garbage and trash receptacles can be customized as a way to showcase the name of a city or town, corporate logo, or school name/logo.

4. Planters
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Planters add beauty and elegance to any outdoor space. Planters help spruce up outdoor spaces with natural pops of color and life. Available in several sizes, matierals, and colours, planters are a must in any outdoor space.

5. Bollards
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Bollards help to protect pedestrians from the calamity of heavy traffic and help to control traffic flow. Bollards come in various styles and colours and should not be overlooked when planning an outdoor space.

6. Ash Receptacles
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Ash urns or cigarette receptacles are an artistic site furnishing that serves a purpose. Their compact design takes up minimal space and provide a place to dispose of cigarette butts.

A well designed outdoor space should include many if not all of the above mentioned site amenities. This will ensure your outdoor space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and comfortable. To learn more about the importance of site furnishings, contact our experts.