Why Choose a Splash Pad?

A well-designed splash pad is a great way to enhance community spaces and keep the entire family entertained.  These zero-depth aquatic play areas also significantly reduce risk, staffing needs and water consumption with the use of innovative water management systems.

Splash pads offer an interactive and social experience for users of all ages and abilities and our supplier, Vortex Aquatic Structures International, is a leader in the aquatic play industry with more than 7,000 installations in 45 countries.

Where to Install

Typically found in municipal park settings, splash pads offer misting, jetting and flowing water fun through both ground level features, such as ground sprays and above ground features, like dumping buckets.

Splash pads can also be used to enhance resorts, campgrounds amusement parks, commercial and other urban spaces. Whether you are starting with a new site or converting an existing wading pool, a splash pad is an amenity that is appreciated by the youngest toddlers and parents alike.

How to Get Started

A discussion about your splash pad project should begin with the following questions:

  • Where will the splash pad be located?
  • How big is the site?
  • Is there power to the site?
How to Get Started
  • Where will the water be coming from?
  • Have you considered what you will do with the water that drains from the splash pad?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Learn more in our Splash Pad Solutions brochure

If you know the answer to all of these questions, great! If not, that’s okay too. We can be a resource and help you find the right information to make an informed decision. Visit our FAQ to learn more and contact us with any additional questions!

Other Aquatic Play

We offer a variety of exciting aquatic play experiences in addition to splash pads. Get in touch with us to determine what solution is the right choice for your site conditions, capacity and goals for the space.



This low flow solution utilizes light mists and small directional water streams. Reduced and controlled water dispersion allows you to introduce water play in almost any environment.

Water JourneyTM

A quieter kind of play experience inspired by nature’s flowing streams. Perfect for younger ones with very low water depth and a variety of elements to move, touch and manipulate.

Elevations & PlayNuk

Elevations & PlayNuk

Offer multi-level adventure at your shallow pool or splash pad with the addition of these dynamic structures that can be can be installed on a diverse range of sites, indoors or out.



The perfect way to add some thrill to your water play environment. A variety of standard and custom waterslide solutions have been designed with all ages and rider levels in mind.