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Diving into the Details: Exploring the Costs of a Splash Pad Project


A splash pad is a valuable addition to any neighbourhood and serves as a focal point for social interaction, bringing families and friends together in a vibrant and inclusive space. By providing a safe and accessible environment for children to play and cool off during hot summer days, it promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Splash pads can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of public areas, contributing to the beautification and revitalization of neighborhoods.

Planning a splash pad project is an exciting endeavor and promises endless fun for children and families alike. Before you get started, however, it’s important to understand the full scope of expenses involved. The total cost can vary significantly based on the size and complexity of the splash pad, the type of equipment chosen, and the installation location. 

Our partners at Vortex have summarized key budget items to consider when embarking on your splash pad project journey and we think it’s a great resource. Keep reading to learn more!

Splash Pad Features

From the eyes of the users, the heart of any splash pad is the features. These range from simple ground sprays and water cannons to thrilling dumping buckets! The total cost will depend on the number and type of features included.

Water Management

An often-overlooked but vital aspect of a splash pad project is water management. Prices can vary depending on factors such as the size of the splash pad and the chosen water treatment system. Opting for a flow-through system, for instance, can offer cost savings compared to other alternatives.

Splash Pad Foundation & Surfacing

Concrete provides the structural foundation for the equipment, and is indispensable in any aquatic play area. Choices in concrete surfacing, whether textured, brushed, or pigmented, will influence costs and play a role in ensuring safety and durability.


The skilled labour required for installation is another significant cost to consider. From plumbing equipment to connecting water management systems, the complexity of the project and crew size will dictate installation expenses.

Design Services

Enlisting design services can streamline the planning process and enhance the project’s success. ABC Recreation offers complimentary design services for its clients. Engaging a professional landscape architecture firm may incur additional costs, particularly for broader park infrastructure integration.


Essential but often hidden expenses include infrastructure requirements such as water supply lines, sewer connections, and electricity. These costs can vary based on proximity to existing infrastructure and must be factored into the overall budget.

Other Amenities

Beyond the splash pad itself, additional amenities like shade structures, seating, and restroom facilities contribute to the overall appeal and usability of the space. Considering these elements in conjunction with the aquatic play area is key to creating a welcoming environment for visitors.

Operational Costs

Finally, ongoing operational expenses must be anticipated. From seasonal opening and closing procedures to routine maintenance, energy consumption, and water usage, these costs are integral to the long-term sustainability of the project and should be accounted for from the outset.

A splash pad project requires careful financial consideration. With meticulous planning and foresight, your aquatic play project can make a splash while staying firmly afloat financially. Get in touch to learn more about how ABC Recreation can help with your splash pad planning process!