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Revitalizing Play: The Inspiring Transformations of Two Peterborough Parks


The City of Peterborough was looking to upgrade two parks into aesthetically pleasing areas that offered ample play value to the community. ABC Recreation was happy to accept the challenge working with the city to completely transform these parks. 

Take a look at the transformations below and see these parks go from less desirable outdoor spaces to accessible and welcoming attractions for members of the community to enjoy. 

Turner Park

Turner Park - BEFORE
Turner Park - AFTER

Turner Park was home to a preexisting wading pool that had to be filled and drained daily. The wading pool needed to be supervised by a lifeguard which presented a recurring operational expense that we knew could be avoided with a zero-depth splash pad.

Our team enhanced this space with a drain-away splash pad with plenty of fun features for everyone to enjoy. The splash pad sends fresh, potable water down the drain, as opposed to bathers standing in the wading pool that would not typically be chlorinated – a much healthier option from a public health viewpoint!


Other additions to improve the space included a 24’ hexagon shade structure, park paving, shade tables, and new waste receptacles. Our team also added pathways to and from the street leading to the new splash pad for better accessibility.

Splash Pad Features:

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park - BEFORE
Hamilton Park - AFTER

Much like Turner Park, this park needed a refresh, housing only a single spray post on an asphalt pad. Our team was able to create an aesthetically pleasing park with a beautiful splash pad for the community to enjoy. We also added pathways to and from the street to make the splash pad more accessible. Decorative fencing, waste receptacles, and benches were added to complete the look and usability of the park.

Splash Pad Features:

We love seeing the before and after of these two transformations. Whatever the size or condition of the park, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. Get in touch today to discuss your next project!