Rhapsody® by Landscape Structures

Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments offer a unique way for kids and adults to express themselves both physically and emotionally. This great collection of chimes, metallophones and drums invites you to discover the many ways individual sounds can be creatively combined.

Learn more about the collection in the Rhapsody Virtual Catalogue.

Freenotes Harmony Park

Freenotes Harmony Park musical instruments are durable, sustainable and perfectly tuned sound sculptures that enhance any outdoor space. The musical line-up includes a mix of unique instruments and ensemble packages suitable for a variety of needs, both acoustically and aesthetically.

See all the musical offerings in the Freenotes Harmony Park Catalogue.

Rhapsody Ages 2-5

Instruments that are smaller and lower to the ground so little ones can enjoy the same great sound at their level. This collection of drums, chimes and metallophones are perfect for childcare centres and preschools.

Freenotes Instruments

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the wide assortment of bells, chimes, drums, marimbas and xylophones that are always perfectly tuned and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or musical experience.

Rhapsody Ages 5+

Every member of the family can share their musical creativity, knowledge and joy with these full-sized instruments. You can bring the community together with this inclusive collection that everyone can play.

Freenotes Collections

These musical systems are available in three, four or five instrument groupings which are perfectly tuned to play together. Even a novice can ensure musical success from the very first note!


What kind of musical instruments do you offer?

We offer a variety of drums, metallophones, chimes, bells, xylophones and marimbas just to name a few. In addition to the individual instruments, we also have musical collections that are designed to play together.