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The Importance of Play: Motor Skills


There is so much more to playgrounds than just a place for children to have fun. A playground is an incredible learning opportunity for kids of all ages, and there are multiple ways to include equipment that can help kids develop vital skills.


Playgrounds provide multi-sensory experiences that can help build a child’s brain more quickly, and in this blog series, we will touch on the 5 main developmental areas: sensory, motor skills, strength, cognitive skills, and social/emotional skills.


In this blog, we are talking about all things Motor Skills!

Developing your motor skills at a young age is essential for physical strength and movement. These skills will forever be useful in our everyday lives, and they can be and easy and engaging component to your playground design


From lifting to pulling, pushing to using your hands, these fine motor skills are crucial for development and growth. Our partners at Landscape Structures have a multitude of amazing playground features that can add motor skills to your space.

Blender™ Spinner

Web_Presentation-Blender Spinner

One of the most unique additions to your playground is the BlenderSpinner! This freestanding component teaches kids about centrifugal force as they learn to shift their body weight from side to side to spin the blender.

Stationary Cycler, Accessible

Web_Presentation-Stationary Cycler, Accessible

This freestanding product is a great way to get the arms moving and is perfectly accessible for all kids!

The Stationary Cycler helps kids fine-tune their upper-body strength and coordination, making it a great addition to an action-packed playground.

SwiggleKnots™ Bridge

Web_Presentation-SwiggleKnots™ Bridge

Not only will kids have to learn how to take turns on this super fun bridge, but they will also develop amazing motor skills while balancing and stepping across each panel!

With multiple suspended knots and discs, kids can use their imagination to climb, step over, and stretch across to the end of the bridge.

Zenith® Climber

Web_Presentation-Zenith® Climber w-Permalene Handholds

Similar to the SwiggleKnots Bridge, no shortage of imagination will do you wrong on the Zenith® Climber!

Kids will discover a variety of ways to climb in, out, and around the black handholds while planting their feet on the knots before making their next move.

TopsyTurny® Spinner

Web_Presentation-TopsyTurny® Spinner

This standalone structure provides an endless amount of play opportunities for kids! Not only can kids learn to play together, the TopsyTurny® Spinner helps them develop their balance and strength skills.

With a large base platform for multiple kids to stand on, plus sturdy cables to hold onto, this freestanding structure is a fun addition to any playground!

The possibilities are truly endless when adding Motor Skill elements to your playground. Whether you are looking for new additions, or are currently planning your new community playground, our team can help find the perfect pieces that are not only fun, but engaging!


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