Steel &  Wood Shade Structures

Poligon open air structures can be designed to seamlessly add to existing architecture or create bold new visual statements. From small shelters and walkway covers to amphitheaters and trellises–there are no stock structures and each client customizes the features to suit their project and shade needs. We make it easy and efficient to create the perfect structure for your site.

Get some inspiration for your shelter from Poligon.

Commercial Shade Sails

SkyWays® and CoolToppers® are designed to block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays and can provide reliable coverage for any play, rest or activity area. They are a great option for playgrounds, restaurants, sports fields, pools, and outdoor classrooms.  You can choose from a number of standard solutions that are designed to keep families protected or choose a custom configuration that fits your environment.

Imagine your space with added coverage in the SkyWays Shade Catalogue.


SkyWays provides the largest break from the sun and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The built-in adjustable mechanism allows you to quickly release your shade and reinstall with ease.

Hexagon & Octagon Shade

Available in standard designs as well as custom, these gazebo shade structures are a great alternative to traditional 4 and 6-post structures. Constructed from steel, wood, or fabric, these shade structures add a fantastic visual appeal to any outdoor space, while also providing heat, rain, and sun protection.


CoolToppers offer a generous area of shade and can be freestanding or connected to a PlayBooster® play structure. They are designed to block harmful UV rays and keep playgrounds significantly cooler!

Square & Rectangle Shade Structures

These 4 and 6-post shade structures are a versatile and cost-effective shade solution for playgrounds, pools and splashpads, seating areas, basketball courts, and more.

Freestanding Fabric Shade Structures

Adding a fabric shade structure can create more curves and angles to give your shelter a softer look. Available in various colours, these stylish shade canopies are sure to add function, style, and comfort to your outdoor space.


A shade trellis serves as a functional and stylish barrier that keeps your outdoor areas shady and usable. Our trellises come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. Add landscaping with climbing vines to make your trellis a real showstopper.

Covered Walkways

Protect your clients, students or visitors from the elements and welcome them to your facility with a walkway cover. Each structure is designed to complement the surrounding environment.

Specialty Shade Structures

ABC Recreation can supply you with specialty shade structures including pergolas, amphitheaters, monoslopes, arched shelters, and more!