Useful Amenities That Attract Visitors

We know that every space is different which is why we offer a diverse selection of site furnishings from select manufacturers that are committed to superior product quality. With the help of Dumor and Knill, we can enhance your park, playground or any other recreational space with the practical site amenities. We work with our clients to find the right products to enhance their space and meet the needs of users. Contact us to start your site furnishings project today.

From benches to receptacles and planters to bollards,
we have the site amenities you need to add
a finishing touch to your space.


DuMor has been recognized as a reliable and durable site furnishing manufacturer in the United States since 1984. For over three decades, DuMor has produced a full line of site furnishings including steel benches, park benches, recycled plastic benches, Ipe benches, park furniture, street furniture, bike racks, bollards and receptacles. In addition to the standard product line, DuMor also can design and produce custom pieces for your site.

knill shade table


Knill is a Canadian company based out of Southern Ontario that offers a variety of standard and custom site furnishings. Since 2005, Knill has produced a full line of site furnishings including park benches, picnic tables, waste receptacles, sporting nets and more. The team at Knill has the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life through custom fabrication.