DuMor Site Furnishings

DuMor offers an extensive collection of tables, benches, planters, ash urns, bollards and waste receptacles in a variety of colours and materials, such as wood, steel and recycled plastic. In addition to the standard product line, DuMor also can design and produce custom pieces for your site. View the full line of site furnishings in the DuMor Catalog.

Knill Furnishings & Fabrication

Knill offers a variety of standard and custom solutions to meet your needs and budget. Park benches, picnic tables, waste receptacles and sporting nets are just a few of the products available that can be fabricated for both indoor and outdoor applications. See how Knill can help complete your space in the Site Furnishings Brochure.

Tables and Chairs

Give guests the opportunity to gather outdoors safely and comfortably with our standard and customizable dining set complete with a table and chairs. Made from recycled plastic, metal, or wood, these tables and chairs are sure to add beauty and functionality to your park, playground, or outdoor recreational area.

Knill Shade Tables

Encourage families to stay a little longer at your playground or splash pad with the addition of these tables that offer convenient seating and some shade from the elements.

Buddy Bench

The idea of Buddy Bench, or a Friendship Bench, is simple – if a child feels lonely, they can go to the bench as a signal that they need someone to play with. Ideally, another child will see them, go and talk to them and include them in their games. Including a Buddy Bench on your playground can encourage children to look out for one another so no one feels left out.

Knill Custom Benches

Personalize your outdoor space with custom park furniture that features the logo of your company or community group. This would be a great recognition opportunity for donors who supported your project too!

Trash and Recycling Receptacles

Provide a solution to your litter and recycling needs with our durable, weather-resistant trash and recycling receptacles. Our receptacles come in a variety of colours, sizes, and designs. We can also customize your receptacle which is an excellent way to showcase the name of a city or town, corporate logo, or school name/logo.

Park Benches

We carry a large selection of metal, recycled plastic, and wood park benches. Our park benches come in a variety of colours, shapes, and styles that are guaranteed to make a wonderful addition to your outdoor space.


Add beauty to your municipal, business, or private site with planters from ABC Recreation. Our planters come in a variety of materials, styles, sizes, and colours with a self watering liner option.

Outdoor Grills

For the most essential necessity in camping and picnics, ABC Recreation offers a variety of park grills and commercial charcoal grills that are sturdily built to ensure they last a long time. Let us supply you with your commercial, municipal, and park grills for outdoor recreational areas.


Protect pedestrians and infrastructure, as well as control traffic flow with our durable, weather-resistant bollards. Bollards from ABC Recreation come in a variety of shapes, styles, and over 20 colours to choose from.

Ash Urns

Our aesthetically pleasing ash urns or cigarette receptacles are easy-to-clean, weather-resistant and are designed to extinguish cigarettes. They come in a variety of attractive designs, materials, and colours that are sure to blend into your outdoor space.

Custom Plaques

Dedicate a site furnishing or promote your organization, city, or school logo with a custom etched zinc plaque. Just supply us with text and/or camera-ready artwork, and we will design a custom plaque that conveys your message while complementing your furnishings.

Download CAD Details

Visit the CAD details page to have access to detailed specs and 3D renders.


What is the best surface to mount a bench or litter receptacle on?

Furnishings like benches and litter receptacles are best installed on a level concrete pad. Many designs do not require permanent anchoring and can remain as portable amenities, however, anchoring to the concrete is recommended for security, and in some cases, is required for stability. Anchoring to paving stones is much less secure and generally not recommended.

What is the best surface to mount a picnic table on?

Many traditional picnic table designs can be placed directly on grassy, gravel or concrete surfaces if portability is required. You can consider anchoring to a concrete pad or individual piers for added security.