What is a Playable Fountain?

With technology and creativity, playable fountains take the traditional fountain beyond aesthetics and passive viewing to at truly immersive and interactive play experience. Playable fountains are typically found in civic plazas, downtown cores, city centers and more.

Playable fountains keep kids moving and engaged for longer with a variety of exciting games that create surprise, anticipation, and social learning. The magic happens through a tailor-made combination of design, lighting and sequencing, giving your project a unique signature.

The possibilities are endless and so is the fun! To guarantee the comfort of younger adventurers, the jets and sprays are designed to produce safe water effects.

How Do Playable Fountains Work?

Playable fountains use unique day and night sequences to marry spectatorship and family engagement. The solution’s numerous configurations feature a slew of exciting games to keep kids moving. And once the sun sets, choreographed LEDs transform your playscape into a dazzling light show.

At sundown, our playable fountains become an entrancing spectacle for all ages. Embedded multicolored LED lights and magical water choreography keep crowds wide-eyed and engaged, even after the little ones have gone to bed. After dark, lighting becomes part of the immersive experience, with users interacting with the lighting as well as the water.