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New Splash Pad Solutions from Vortex


Splash pads offer an immersive, zero-depth aquatic experience, with many unique features to attract families and engage users of all ages and abilities. Fully customized and scalable over time, splash pads can be integrated into any landscape and work with a variety of budgets to meet the needs of your community. Check out these new products available from Vortex and get in touch to learn more about adding a splash pad to your community!


Ground Activator

The ground activator features an ADA-compliant sound alert that can be activated by bare feet, sandals, wheelchairs, and more, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun. The easy two-wire installation ensures a smooth and effortless setup.

Activator N°4​

This inclusive and innovative activator features an ADA-compliant sound alert that activates when pressed and the sustainable bollard design reduces the use of excess material. It’s easy to install and retrofits with previous Vortex activators. Available with or without the toe guard.

Themed Novelty Elements

Single TeePee

Offering a visually striking and cultural significance, the TeePee is an attractive focal point on a splash pad. It features misty water jets in the middle with the option to add a graphic at the top.

Flower N°10​

Bring the garden to any splash pad with the vibrant SeeflowTM bucket that features a jet stream at the top, creating colourful shadows and a fun water play experience.

Helico Birds

With each twirl, the birds send a delightful cascade of water below using the TwirltechTM mechanism. Vortex’s innovative SeeflowTM technology creates lively dancing hues on the surface below.

Elephant Loop

Get ready to stomp, splash and have a blast with the Elephant Loop! Water cascades from the elephant’s trunk through the cannon jet. Kids can also run through the spray loop in the body of the elephant.

Tractor Loop

Farmyard fun meets aquatic adventure with the Tractor Loop! There is a spray loop through the tractor wheel as well as a cannon water effect in the exhaust, making for a fun aquatic experience.

Sea Silhouette Whale

The show-stopping Sea Silhouette Whale offers plenty of play value while advancing sustainability efforts. Turn the interactive flow wheel to control the high-flying spray from the whale’s blowhole, cross through the belly to get soaked by the misty water jets, and run through the spiraling water from the whale’s twirling tail with the TwirltechTM mechanism.