About Agorespace

Agorespace created the concept of Multi-Use Game Areas (MUGAs) more than
30 years ago and continue to offer the most relevant and diverse product offering for multi-sport facilities. They design and manufacture multi-sport field solutions with the aim of providing community hubs for people of all ages and abilities to build healthy connections through sport. Agorespace’s commitment to ecofriendly design and sustainable development has positioned them as an industry leader with over 5,000 installations worldwide.

Unique Sport Solution

Agorespace’s multi-sport fields are designed to bring several sport activities together in a compact space with the innovative fenced layout reducing the area required to play. With soccer, basketball, pickleball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, tennis, tennis-soccer, and handball all options for play, the Agorespace multi-sport field appeals to everyone. Four field sizes are available based on space requirements and the number of potential users.

Building healthy connections through sport in your community.

Transform Your Community

Enhance areas in your community with a multi-sport field from Agorespace. These before and after transformations show how you can take a less desirable area in your community, such as an unused tennis court or parking lot, and bring new life to it.

Features & Benefits

  • TRIPLEX treated side fences, posts, and steel profiles for maximum durability
  • Anodized and textured aluminum handrails that also act as spectator seating
  • Two soccer goals with reinforced 3m x 2m nets
  • Two adjustable basketball nets with three height options available
  • Multi-purpose posts and central net with tension system
  • Assembly without soldering using thermoplastic joint parts
  • Vibration and shock absorbers to minimize noise creates opportunities to play quietly 
  • Stainless steel screws completely hidden by anti-vandalism caps
  • Half side net is equipped with a snap hook to provide access for users with a mobility device
  • Metal profiles are used so there is no cage effect and flat fences are ideal for rebounding
  • Installation on a concrete or preferably asphalt slab

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