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5 Playground Elements that Promote Play & Learning


A playground is a great place for kids to get some physical activity, but it is also a great place for children to learn and develop. Incorporating educational elements into your playground design allows you to create an environment that both promotes play and allows kids to develop cognitively and socially. Here are 5 educational elements that you can incorporate into your playground to promote play and learning:

Alphabet and Number Panels

These panels provide children with the opportunity to explore letters and numbers through play, allowing them to better understand letter and number formations. They also incorporate sensory elements through textures, allowing for tactile play.

Musical Elements

Outdoor musical instruments are a great learning tool that promote creativity. By installing a collection of musical instruments, children can collaborate and explore music together.

Science and Nature Zones

Spark curiosity and encourage hands-on learning with a dedicated science and nature zone. Explore science and nature concepts by adding a learning element such as the Space Travel Panel, which brings kids to planets far away as it teaches them out the solar system.

Sensory Play Elements

Stimulate children’s senses and promote cognitive development through sensory play. Elements such as elevated sand tables and sensory walls encourage problem-solving, as well as promote the use of fine motor skills and social interaction.

Imaginary Play Elements

These elements, such as the Storefront Panel and the Pilot Panel, encourage little ones to use their imaginations and play together cooperatively!

Whether it’s a school, childcare facility, or community playground, kids and caregivers alike will marvel over these added educational elements. The combination of education and play will help children ignite their curiosity and creativity, while also providing them with many invaluable skills, including problem-solving, social skills, and many more. Contact us today to see how you can incorporate educational elements into your playground design!