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Introducing Abrio by Vortex


Part of Vortex's Coolhub™ Solutions

New from Vortex, the Abrio is an innovative feature that is part of their new Coolhub™ solutions. A combination of the cooling, calming properties of water and stunning architectural design, Coolhub™ is a refreshing gathering space for everyone in the community – whether it’s taking a break during a busy day, playing with friends, or simply seeking relief from the heat.

The Abrio helps to refresh the community both day and night, all while keeping water conservation at the forefront. Multiple configurations combine seating, shade, and soothing aquatic elements to fit any space. 

Abrio highlights:

  • Vortex’s soft rain and mist technologies
  • Architectural canopies for shade
  • Solar-powered LED lighting
  • A range of seating configurations
  • Activator to manage water on demand

Coolhub™ requires minimal connection a site’s infrastructure, making installation quick and easy. Combined with on-demand activation technology, Vortex’s proven water management technology ensures efficient water and energy usage.

Glomist, also a part of the Coolhub™ range, offers a whimsical and sustainable water feature that refreshes and cools the surrounding air and passersby with a fine mist.

Contact us to learn more about this new cooling solution from Vortex!