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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

HealthBeat™ Outdoor Fitness

Bringing the best of the gym to the great outdoors. Perfect for parks, trails or next to your playground, HealthBeat outdoor fitness equipment uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels.
The new HealthBeat outdoor fitness system from Landscape Structures has a contemporary design and is a great addition to any park or playground.
Outdoor exercise equipment can help to improve the wellness and health of any community.
The equipment is ideally suited for ages 13-14 or older.

The fourteen HealthBeat stations that are available are:

    • Elliptical
    • Parallel Bars
    • Hand Cycler
    • Mobility
    • Stretch
    • Balance Steps
    • Cardio Stepper
    • Squat Press
    • Plyometrics
    • Tai Chi Wheels
    • Chest/Back Press
    • Assisted Row/Push-Up
    • Pull-Up/Dip
    • Ab Crunch/Leg Lift

Stay active with sports and outdoor fitness equipment.
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