Project Profile

We believe that playgrounds should be fun for the entire family, and the structures chosen for Oak Elm Park do just that! The play space features a variety of different components from Landscape Structures including PlayBooster® and GeoPlex®.

The park was designed for kids ages 5-12 and is packed with a multitude of play experiences. On top of the many ways for older kids to play, we also integrated the TopsyTurny® Spinner so kids aged 2-5 can have in on all the fun. With the added playground swings, hours of fun are to be had at Oak Elm Park!


Landscape Structures


  • PlayBooster® playstructure
  • GeoPlex® climbing panels
  • Corkscrew Climber for aged 5-12
  • Motion playstructure for kids ages 2-5
  • TopsyTurny® Spinner
  • Playground swings
  • Site furnishings


Location: Windsor, ON

Client: City of Windsor

Partners: Landscape Structures

Designer: ABC Recreation

Installation: ABC Recreation 

Completed: 2018