Project Profile

The Dresden Kinsmen Community Splash Pad and Playground was completed in June 2020 as a result of the dedication of an enthusiastic group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to fundraise for the project. Additionally, there was an outpouring of support from various donors, businesses, and groups throughout the community to help move the project along. The Kinsmen Club also donated the land where the splash pad and playground were built. The new splash pad and playground area brings so much joy to the community of Dresden.

Products: Splash pad by Vortex, Playground by LSI


This full turnkey project by our team includes pieces that create a unique space for all kids.

  • NO. 5 Spray Loops
  • Spray Cannons
  • Ombrello Twirl No. 1
  • Playground: Playsense Design #600


Location: Dresden, ON

Client: Dresden Splash Pad Committee

Designer: ABC Recreation

Installation: ABC Recreation

Completed: 2020