Project Profile

The Outdoor Fitness Obstacle Course located at Innisfil Beach Park provides a new space for teens and adults to take part in informal or formal fitness activity. It includes eight obstacles that can be combined with many other bodyweight exercises. 


  • FitCore™ Extreme A-Frame Cargo Net – challenges users to climb up one side, transition over the top beam and control their way down the net to get to the ground.
  • FitCore™ Extreme High Step – challenges teens and adults to use some fancy footwork to land clearly in each square.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Jump Hang – allows users to use the ramp to launch themselves toward the cargo netting and use upper body and core muscles to navigate through the netting without touching the ground.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Peg Bridge – challenges teens and adults to work their upper body as they swing their way from peg to peg.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Quintuple Steps – challenges users to traverse across five angled platforms by leaping from platform to platform.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Rope Climb – is the updated version of a traditional rope climb.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Spiderwalk – challenges users to traverse the space between the two walls without touching the ground.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Unstable Bridge – challenges users to work their upper body by crossing the rocking suspended planks.


Location:Innisfil, ON

Client: Town of Innisfil

Partners: Landscape Structures

Installation: ABC Recreation

Designer: ABC Recreation