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Behind the eye-catching features of your splash pad is an intricate system that controls water usage and ensures the splash pad is safe, efficient, and sustainable over time. With water management at the core of every successful project, our unique combination of mechanical expertise and innovative technologies allows us to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for your splash pad to function optimally, season after season.

About ABC Recreation Mechanical Services

Our team of factory trained experts offer a range of useful services to help maintain your splash pad.

Final Commissioning

Once the project has been completed, our staff will start the system and prepare it for operation. Winter covers will be removed, water lines are flushed, nozzles are installed, and the controller is tested before running through sequences.

Spring Start Up

This service follows a process similar to the final commissioning and is often completed between early May to mid June prior to the opening of splash pad season each year.

Fall Winterization

At the end of the splash pad season, our staff can prepare your system for the colder months ahead to ensure things will start up efficiently in the spring.

Staff Training

Trust our experienced team to educate your staff with the knowledge they need to confidently operate your splash pad. Understanding the controller and manifold, reviewing zones and feature groupings, and troubleshooting tips are just a few of the important topics discussed during the training session.

Water Optimization

Reducing water consumption is a priority for many of our clients and our team can assess your current usage and provide recommendations for minimizing consumption while keeping play value top of mind.


Adding a new feature or replacing a dated feature with a newer one is cost-effective way to refresh your splash pad without completely remodelling it. Our team can evaluate your existing splash pad and make suggestions for how you can update the space with a modest budget.

At ABC Recreation, we employ our own service crew to better serve our clients with lasting and reliable support.

Water Conservation

Water conservation at a splash pad can be significantly enhanced through the strategic use of nozzles, sequencing, and an advanced control panel. This smart combination of technology and design not only ensures a sustainable operation but also promotes water conservation awareness to the community.


Splash pads are typically divided into three zones—toddler, family, and teenager—and our goal is to have two features running in each zone for the most enjoyable user experience. Overall water consumption can be minimized by adjusting timing and the number of features running at any given time.


Splash pad features are equipped with a range of nozzles that create beautiful and immersive water effects. These nozzles can be swapped out for a low-flow alternative to reduce the amount of water being released while still maintaining play value.


A controller is an essential element in operating a sustainable aquatic play space. It gives full control of multiple water functions and allows users to both activate and synchronize features. Controllers can be configured to modify spray sequences and manage flow to control water consumption.

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