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Three Ways Water Features Enhance Outdoor Public Spaces


Water features elevate the value of commercial property while beautifying it and promoting sustainability. As downtown cores grow in popularity and become more established, we have noticed the many ways water features improve people’s experience of these places and benefit the downtown store owners. Having a beautiful and inviting downtown core encourages visitors to stay longer and oftentimes acts as a gathering space for people.

Here are a few of the ways water features enhance outdoor public spaces:

1. Outdoor Water Features Offer Multiple Health Benefits

Being outside allows people to connect with nature, which promotes health and wellness. There is evidence that being near water lowers stress and obesity, improves mental and emotional health, and imbues a general sense of wellbeing. 

2. Water Features Increase Length of Stay and Encourage Repeat Visits

When visitors feel relaxed and calm in a particular setting, they want to linger longer and return to it again and again. The sights and sounds of flowing water, or the enchanting activity of a choreographic show fountain, complete the picture. 

3. Outdoor Water Features Promote Sustainability

Water features are ideal for promoting sustainability in outdoor public spaces for a variety of reasons. Our water features can conserve water by using recycled water, and feature technology like LED lighting, and timer controls that ensures energy conservation.  

At ABC Recreation we can supply and install various water features including display water fountains, playable fountains, and outdoor misting stations. To learn more about our water features or to start a project, contact our team. We would love to hear from you!