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The Importance of Play: Strength


There is so much more to playgrounds than just a place for children to have fun. A playground is an incredible learning opportunity for kids of all ages, and there are multiple ways to include equipment that can help kids develop vital skills.


Playgrounds provide multi-sensory experiences that can help build a child’s brain more quickly, and in this blog series, we will touch on the 5 main developmental areas: sensory, motor skills, strength, cognitive skills, and social/emotional skills.


In this blog, we are talking about all things Strength!

Developing your strength is important for your overall health and growth, and the FitCore system from Landscape Structures is a fantastic way to bring a challenging, and incredibly fun course to your space. Kids ages 5-12 can partake, and these courses can be used for informal or formal strength training.


Here are just some of the components you can add to your custom FitCore Obstacle Course:

FitCore™ Extreme A-Frame Cargo Net (5-12)

Web_Presentation-FitCore™ Extreme Vertical Cargo Net (5-12)

Multiple kids can challenge and test their climbing skills on the A-Frame Cargo Net. This standalone structure can be climbed all the way up, over, and back down the other side, giving kids many ways to explore and discover their strength.

FitCore™ Extreme Peg Bridge (5-12)

Web_Presentation-FitCore™ Extreme Peg Bridge (5-12)

The Peg Bridge brings a new twist to your generic monkey bars. With E-Pods® situated at either end, kids can launch off and see if they can make it to the end. Whether they choose to grab onto the ends, or swing side to side on each bar, kids will have fun challenging their strength!

FitCore™ Extreme Rope Climb (5-12)

Web_Presentation-SwiggleKnots™ Bridge

The name of the game? Reach the top! With a bell situated at the top of the structure, kids can challenge their strength to get to the top and ring the bell. The perfect way to end any obstacle course!

FitCore™ Extreme Spiderwalk (5-12)

Web_Presentation-FitCore™ Extreme Spider Walk (5-12)

A challenging obstacle no doubt, but this freestanding structure is great for gaining strength! Kids will use their arms and legs to get across the structure by placing them on either wall. No technique is wrong on the Extreme Spiderwalk! This structure is designed to assist kids, with the bottom portion being narrower, and the top a bit wider to allow kids to reach across properly. 

Whether you want to add a freestanding FitCore structure to your space for an added strengthening component, or are interested in a full obstacle course, there are so many opportunities with this product line.

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