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Innovative Playground Solutions

Just getting started with a playground project?

Whether your needs are for a standard playground or a personalized/custom design, ABC Recreation offers playground experiences that are inclusive, artful, safe and, most of all, made for years of fun. Our playgrounds are manufactured by Landscape Structures and provide many, many years of innovative fun and durability.

Community Build Playgrounds

Community build playground projects create wonderful opportunities for bringing neighbours and communities closer together. The video to the left demonstrates how the community of Elmira, Ontario came together to build an inclusive playground for kids of all abilities.

Inclusive Play Equipment

There are three components to a higher level of Inclusive Play:
• physical accessibility
• age and developmental appropriateness
• sensory-stimulating activity
Landscape Structures is committed to providing play experiences for children of all abilities. In their playground products and designs, they go beyond the minimum accessibility requirements.

Nature Inspired Play Equipment

Research shows that children who play in natural settings are typically healthier, happier and more likely to appreciate the world around them.
Our selection of natural play solutions combines the adventure and wonder of nature with the durability, safety, age-appropriateness and low maintenance of high-quality manufactured play equipment.

When combined with real trees, plants and gardens, you’ve created an ideal setting for children to thrive and play.

ABC Recreation will work with you to come up with the design and solution that fits your needs, budget and space. Our solutions are CSA compliant and IPEMA certified and we offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

If you are considering a nature-inspired play solution, talk to us about the benefits of our play elements.

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