Product Profile

Every year we are excited to see the new products released by Landscape Structures that can help our customers continue enhancing their inclusive playgrounds.


We are so excited for the launch of the Symbol Communication Sign. Pictures and symbols are a proven way to help non-verbal, speech-challenged, and early-learning individuals communicate in a unique way with their friends.


You can implement this new feature at the entrance of your play space, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to communicate before playing.


  • Assist with communication practices at the entrance of a play space.
  • Helpful design created for non-verbal children, early learners, and those who speak different languages.
  • Double sided sign – same artwork on the front and the back.
  • Full-colour and photo-realistic graphics made with long-lasting durability.
  • Aluminum panel for extra strength.
  • Choose from a variety of different colours for the posts.

Developmental Benefits

Sensory: Auditory, Tactile, Visual

Cognitive: Problem Solving

Motor Skills: Eye-Hand Coordination

Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development

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