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Product Highlight: Landscape Structures Global Motion®


Add a unique play experience on your playground with Global Motion® by Landscape Structures. Kids can climb, rotate, and explore two levels in this fun-filled structure. Patented progressive resistance makes it easy to turn Global Motion at slower speeds, and prevents it from being turned too quickly, providing a fun and challenging experience while still feeling safe and in control.

What You Need to Know About Global Motion®
  • Designed for kids of all abilities ages 5-12 years old 
  • Two entryways on the lower level allow users of all abilities access to the inside of the globe
  • Deck is at 16 1/2″ height for easy transfer
  • Large, black GripX-textured deck accommodates multiple kids and offers excellent traction and slip-resistance
  • TenderTuff™-coated handrails edge both entryways
  • Choice of two ProShield® colors: one for post and round tubing, one for vertical ribs
  • Base and top made from durable, UV-stable rotomolded polyethylene in your choice of color
  • Compliant to the CSA Standard

The inclusive Global Motion® rotating climber invites an entire group to climb abord and go for an orbital ride. Kids can take turns climbing multiple nets, socializing on the two levels and pushing-in fact, you’ll find the kids enjoy pushing as much as riding! 

Global Motion encourages lively activity without worry. The built-in progressive resistance mechanism provides kids with a rousing ride, but always maintains a reasonable maximum speed. So you can focus on the fun!

Enhances Children's Learning and Development

Kids will benefit from exploring the four defined areas of developmental skills when playing on the Global Motion® including:


  • Auditory, Proprioception, Tactile, Vestibular+, Visual

Motor Skills

  • Agility, Balance, Cardiovascular, Coordination, Core Body Strength, Endurance, Eye-Hand Coordination, Fine Motor, Lower Body Strength, Motor Planning, Upper Body Strength

Cognitive Skills

  • Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development
Best-In-Class Warranty

We are proud to represent Landscape Structures, offering high-quality and innovative playground products for more than 50 years. 

3Year Limited Warranty: On all other parts, i.e.: Pulse® products, all swing seats and hangers, Mobius climber handholds, Wiggle Ladders, Chain Ladders and ProGuard™ Swing Chain, Track Ride trolleys and bumpers, all rocking equipment including Sway Fun® gliders, belting material, HealthBeat® resistance mechanisms, Seesaws, etc., against failure due to corrosion/ natural deterioration or manufacturing defects.

8-Year Limited Warranty: On Aeronet® climbers and climbing cables against defects in materials or manufacturing defects.

15-Year Limited Warranty: On all Evos® and Weevos® steel arches, all plastic components (including TuffTimbers™ edging), all aluminum and steel components not covered above, Mobius® climbers, Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments, decks and TenderTuff™ coatings (except Wiggle Ladders, Chain Ladders and Swing Chain) against structural failure due to material or manufacturing defects.

Help create the memories for the kids in your community to look back on. To learn more about the Landscape Structures Global Motion® or to add one to your next playground design, contact our play experts to start planning.