Project Profile

The Municipality of Tweed alongside the Kiwanis Club of Tweed worked tirelessly to raise enough funds in addition to government funding to install a state of the art, all-inclusive playground for children and families of Tweed and surrounding area.

The playground features a ramped playstructure with integrated shade for kids ages 5-12 years, freestanding inclusive playground equipment including a ZipKrooz® zipline, and a playstructure for kids ages 18 months-5 years. 

Products: Landscape Structures 


  • Ramped PlayBooster® Playstructure for Ages 5-12 Years with Integrated CoolToppers® Shade
  • Toddlertown® Playstructure for Ages 18 Months-5 Years
  • OmniSpin® Spinner
  • ZipKrooz® Zipline
  • Rollerslide
  • Sway Fun® Wheelchair Glider
  • Single Post Playground Swings with Molded Bucket Seats


Location:Tweed, ON

Client: Municipality of Tweed

Partners: Landscape Structures

Installation: ABC Recreation

Designer: ABC Recreation

Completed: 2021