Project Profile

Installed in 2019, Ben Franklin Splashpad opened to the residents of Ottawa and has been a go-to-spot for children and families to cool down in the hot summer months. The project was done by the municipality and included so many great partners to create a fun and playful space for the neighbourhood.

Products: Vortex


  • Frog Nº2
  • Flower Nº5
  • Loop Nº1
  • Ombrello Twirl Nº1
  • Orbit Spray Loops
  • Bamboo Tree Nº1


Location:Ottawa, ON

Client: City of Ottawa


Counselor: Keith Egli

Park Planner, City of Ottawa: Donna Williams

Installation: Crolla Construction

Senior Project Manager, City of Ottawa: Edward Veldkamp

Electrical Engineering: Stantec

Landscape Architect: James B. Lennox & Associates Inc

Completed: 2019