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Thrilling and Inclusive: Our Favourite Inclusive Playground Equipment


We believe all kids are created equal which is why we create play environments using inclusive playground equipment that welcome kids and families of all abilities to learn, play and grow together. At ABC Recreation, we are proud to supply and install quality, durable and development-focused playgrounds since 1992. Our goal is to help communities create play environments that allow all people to participate in play, regardless of age or ability.

Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA) is legislation that aims to make public spaces accessible for Canadians living in Ontario with a disability. At ABC Recreation, we carry playground equipment that is AODA compliant. Playground equipment for children with physical disabilities may include swings, ramps, and slides that can be accessed by someone with crutches or a wheelchair. Accessible play spaces can also include playground safety surfacing that allows wheelchairs and other devices to be used on the playground. In addition, ABC Recreation provides sensory play components which may include built-in tactile elements, interactive panels, and outdoor musical instruments.

We have compiled a list of our favourite inclusive playground equipment that children of all ages and abilities are sure to love!


• The We-Go-Swing™ is designed to be integrated into the playground setting which lets kids of all ages and abilities play together to experience the thrill of swinging. With no need to transfer, the We-Go-Swing™ opens up a whole new world of playground fun.

See it in action!

Sway Fun® with 12′ Ramp

The Sway Fun® Glider is the first wheelchair-accessible glider that meets all safety standards. It features ample room for two wheelchair passengers, play table with cup holders, and twin bench seating to accommodate lots of friends and family. A great choice for totally inclusive playground fun!

See it in action!

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ZipKrooz™ Assisted

The ZipKrooz™ Assisted offers a continuous play experience where kids can fly back and forth, from one end to the other, and enjoy nonstop zooming action. It features a molded bucket seat with a lock-in-place harness which provides stability and security for kids with limited core strength.

See it in action!

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The PlayBooster® Rollerslide is a double-wide slide that brings a cool, sensory experience to the playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities. The rollers are made of Tender Tuff coated (PVC) which do not allow for static build-up which doesn’t interfere with those wearing cochlear implants.

See it in action!

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The We-Go-Round™ is a new and improved merry-go-round that offers plenty of space for more kids of all abilities with its strategic seating location areas leave ample space for wheelchairs. Riders can participate in the action using the center handhold while others are turning from the outside.

See it in action!

Web_Presentation-Oodle® Swing

Oodle Swing™

The Oodle Swing™ is a multi-user swing that encourages interactive play by allowing multiple children to come along for a ride. Molded from durable, colorfast polyethylene, the Oodle Swing™ provides valuable vestibular sensory stimulation for kids of all abilities.

See it in action!

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Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes

Players can soar two full octaves across this extravagant instrument, striking rich tones in a major key. Fully wheelchair accessible, everyone can take part in experiencing the great musical quality.

See it in action!

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Colour Splash Panel™

The Color Splash Panel™ is a great way for kids to get visual input while developing dexterity. This two-sided panel offers one side with ten windows to view the brilliant colour changing wheel and a black and grey optical illusion on the other side. It encourages cognitive development and imaginative play for children of all abilities.

See it in action!

Our playgrounds are designed to allow children of all ages and abilities to play within one recreational area. To keep up to date with the newest products we offer, visit our products page.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help create an accessible playground for your community!