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How to Properly Open Your Splash Pad for the Season


Spring is finally here and that means splash pad season is upon us! Your Vortex splash pad has likely sat dormant during the off-season, and it may need some preparation to get ready for opening day.

Regular splash pad maintenance is key to a stress-free splash pad operating season and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our team of Certified Splash Pad Technicians are here to help service your aquatic space, making it safe for everyone to enjoy.  When you schedule your splash pad spring start-up service with ABC Recreation, you can expect us to:

  • Clean and remove debris from the splash pad deck

  • Remove winter caps and turn water on to flush all lines

  • Pressurize the distribution manifold and check for any leaks

  • Install nozzles and run water to them to check they are spraying properly

  • Set time and date on controller and add hours of operation for public use

  • Start system with activation device to ensure automated function and adjust feature flows and height

Contact us today by phone at 1-800-267-5753 or by email at info@abcrecreation.com to schedule your service with our dedicated splash pad experts!