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How to Maintain Your Play Space All Season Long


The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and we are inching closer to the wonderful days of enjoying the fresh summer air. Warmer weather means more time to play outside, and there is nothing better than seeing kids run towards their favourite playground or splash pad and start having fun. But there is some prep work that needs to be done to ensure your space is ready and safe after a snowy winter.

We have created a handy checklist to help you re-open your play space, as well as some helpful tips to ensure you are maintaining it all season long. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your play space throughout the seasons!


‘Tis the season for sun-filled days at the park! Before we can get to the fun and games, there are some key maintenance tips to be checking up on frequently during this high-traffic season. 

1. Regular Equipment Maintenance:

Because there will be a lot more use of your space during this time, it is best to keep a good eye on your equipment to stay on-top of any damages, loosening of bolts, or long-term wear and tear. It may seem redundant to be constantly keeping notes on your space, even if everything looks in good shape, but fixing a small problem right when it happens will ensure a larger issue doesn’t occur down the road.

2. Mechanical Check-ups:

Have a splash pad that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly? Our factory-trained team can help with that! When you work with ABC Recreation we can assist in any issues that arise when you are looking to reopen your splash pad. 

3. Cleaning:

No one wants to visit a space that is filled with garbage and doesn’t look kept up, so ensuring trash is left off of your play structure is key. If you don’t have the proper receptacles set-up at your space, be sure to contact us to get them added in to keep everyone clean and sanitary.

4. Unwanted Graffiti:

After spending lots of time and money on creating your dream play space, the last thing you want to see is a large tag damaging your site. If you find any graffiti markings at your space, we have some tips for you! Combine any form of graffiti remover with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and watch that permanent tag disappear. This works great on steel, poly, or aluminum. 


We are always thinking of children’s safety when building a play space, so we want to bring that same level of attention when preparing it for the Winter season. Our structures are built to last through harsh weather, but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure kids are safe when playing on structures that have been withstanding the cold snow.

1. Inspect Your Surfacing:

Before the harsh winter weather arrives, be sure to do a full inspection of your sites surfacing and be on the lookout for any loose-fill, gaps in the material, and general clean-up. Just as you would rake your leaves before they get covered in snow, the same rules apply for your surfacing up-keep. Now is the time to patch up the holes and clean the debris before they worsen with snow and ice.

2. Equipment Maintenance:

There is always the chance that you may get kids playing on equipment in the winter so it is important to have regular maintenance check-ups to ensure the space is safe for play. In the chance that someone falls, we want to be sure the surface is just as safe as it was in the summer months. Next, be sure to check on the equipment itself for any missing bolts. Since the structure had been in use more often in the Spring and Summer, we don’t want to forget about any piece that may have been loosened up by Winter.

3. Snow and Ice Build-up:

This tip may be a given, but if you have made the decision to keep your playground open during the winter, regular check-ups on water, ice, and snow build-up is very important. If this is a community structure, be sure to keep everyone updated either online or through signage at your space to ensure visitors know whether or not the playground is safe for playing.

4. Remove Swings:

If you don’t want to encourage children to play at your space during the winter season, some municipalities will remove the swings. Swings are a really simple way to engage with a play structure, so by removing them for the season you are preventing kids from playing at the space and jumping off onto the frozen ground.

Our goal at ABC Recreation is to make sure kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy play and it is up to us to ensure you have all the right information at your fingertips when maintaining your play space. 

We are so lucky to have an amazing Construction Installation and Service team that can help assist our clients in maintaining their space. Sometimes this topic isn’t thought of when building your site, but these tips are important to keep in mind when planning to make sure your space is safe and durable all year long.