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Enhance Your Space With Useful Site Furnishings


When planning a trip to an outdoor recreation area like a park, beach, or campground, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Maybe it is where you’ll go or perhaps if you should bring a tent for shade. Or maybe you are just thinking about food and activities! You rely on your local municipality or facility operator to have the basics covered when it comes to providing site amenities to meet your needs and encourage you to stay awhile longer!


We have rounded up a few of our favourite pieces below and explained why we believe they are an important component to add to your space!



There is nothing worse than seeing trash left behind in green spaces and unfortunately, this continues to happen, especially with the rise in disposable face masks. In order to ensure trash is not floating around on the ground, garbage and recycling receptacles are a crucial component to add to your site. They are most commonly used at entrances, but we encourage multiple bins to be scattered around, as people tend to congregate in different areas. 


Bike Parking

At ABC Recreation, we are big advocates for all outdoor physical activities, which is why we think bike racks are a must-have at recreation sites! They are simple to install, relatively low-cost, and come in a wide variety of options that your visitors will appreciate. Ever have an issue with the chain or tire on your bike and can’t ride it home? We can help with that! Our bike repair solutions can be installed near your bike racks giving users peace of mind when enjoying your space.



It is no question that park benches are one of the most popular options when it comes to site furnishings, as it is an inclusive piece of furniture that is sought after by park goers. Whether it be along a trail, within park grounds, or set-up to watch outdoor games, benches are an amazing piece to add to your space, since you know they will always get good use. From colourful options to classic wooden benches, you can work with our team to ensure the style you choose matches the aesthetic of your space.


Sanitizing Station

We are thrilled to have partnered with Landscape Structures to provide our customers with the Play HealthyHand Sanitizer Station. The design of this piece makes it incredibly easy for children, parents, and anyone touching outdoor equipment outside to sanitize their hands. It can hold an industry-standard one-gallon container which makes for less maintenance and attendance by staff. Even as this pandemic slows down, the need for proper hand hygiene solutions is incredibly important for all types of outdoor sites.


Hand Washing Station 

To continue off our last suggestion, we are excited to have designed our very own solution to keep your hands clean and healthy! The Aquifer® Hand Washing Station is an innovative piece that is simple to use, easy to install, and highly durable so it can withstand being outdoors at all times. Proper handwashing is crucial to avoid spreading unwanted germs to others, which makes The Aquifer® Hand Washing Station a great addition to your current site. Add it to green space entrances, schools, playgrounds, nursing homes, bus stops, and so many other spaces!


As it starts to get colder here in Canada, it is a great time to start thinking about how you can enhance your space with amazing site furnishings for the warmer seasons ahead. The team here at ABC Recreation can help craft some unique and creative designs that fit your budget, needs, and style. Let’s work together on making more inclusive and safe outdoor spaces!