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What’s New in Water Play for 2019


The new releases from Vortex this year take water play to a new heights with innovative solutions that have been thoughtfully designed with toddlers in mind.


You can add some dimension to your water play environment with these multi-level structures that are packed with play value for little ones ages 2 to 5. Scaled down accessories, softened sprays, shaded areas and lower level interactions combine to make these play structures perfectly accessible for everyone. Each of the six pre-configured designs feature bright colours, interesting materials and age-appropriate games that will motivate kids to learn and move together. Explore the multi-level water adventure »


Water Journey
Three new experiences joined the Water Journey collection this year and each were specifically designed for early childhood play. First up is Pico; a highly tactile “mountainous” play experience that encourages children to manipulate the way water moves down its rocky walls with a variety of spray features available. Next up is Alto, Pico’s big brother, which sits higher off the ground and offers slightly stronger water currents and interactive accessories that can engage older siblings. And lastly, there is Hop; a series of textured “stones” that spray their soft water jets high into the sky when they are skipped or stepped on. Discover the new dimensions of Water Journey »


Interested in enhancing your splash pad or shallow pool area with these natural water play solutions? Contact us to learn more.