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What’s New for the Playground in 2019


Each year, the new playground products from Landscape Structures lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. This year is no exception and we are excited to share the new play products with you!


This next generation merry-go-round is by far one of our favourite inclusive play products with plenty of space for kids of all abilities! Strategic seating areas leave ample room for wheelchairs and once aboard, everyone faces the centre so they can share the fun face-to-face. Panel graphics can be customized to play off a theme for your space. Watch it move » 


Crab Trap™
This unique net climbing structure offers endless opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. Kids can conquer this structure from the inside or the outside and choose how they maneuver from one challenge to the next. This structure is definitely a statement piece that incorporates a variety of materials for visual and tactile interest. Take a climb »


Curva Spinner™
This spinner has a designer look and would be a nice addition to any play space. One child or multiple kids can ride around and around for endless fun. The spinning motion offers vestibular sensory stimulation and promotes experimentation with centrifugal force and cause-and-effect. See it spin »


Chill™ Spinner
Another great spinner to add to the collection! Kids can go for a spin or just kick back and relax in the comfortable seat. The spinning motion offers similar sensory benefits to the other new Curva Spinner™ this year. Textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride that everyone can enjoy. Go for a whirl »


FitCore™ Extreme
Take your fitness to the next level with these innovative outdoor obstacles courses that spark some friendly competition among friends. Choose from one of the pre-designed courses or create your own suitable for younger uses ages 5-12 or older participants ages 13+. Embrace your inner ninja »


Vibra™ Chime
Three new instruments join the Rhapsody® collection of outdoor musical instruments this year starting with the eye-catching Vibra™ Chime. Eight chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight different notes to make up a major diatonic scale. They are available as a full set, individually or in smaller groupings. Listen to a note »


Tongue Drum
Budding musicians can experiment with striking six different parts of the drum to create different sounds or play a tune. The drum can be played with hands or fingers with an optional mallet for supervised environments. It’s also available in a junior model for little ones ages 2-5. Play a tune »


Cascata™ Bells
This instruments combines ten bells of different tones for auditory and visual pleasure to enhance any outdoor space. Users can play one bell at a time with the attached rubber mallet or slide the mallet along the bells for a fun music-making experience. Strike a bell »