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Choosing Your Playground Supplier: What To Look For


Kicking off a new playground project is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming as you think about all the options to consider and questions you have. We’ve put together a checklist that will help point you in the right direction as you begin this journey.


  • Does the supplier use aluminum for their posts and clamps? Aluminum will not rust and is 100% recycled.
  • Does the supplier use stainless steel and tamper resistant fasteners? They also are rust-resistant and cannot be removed with common tools.


  • Does the supplier offer a comprehensive and well-defined warranty?
    • 100 years for posts, post caps and clamps
    • 15 years for all plastic and steel components
    • Minimum 3 year warranty on all other parts
    • Know that some suppliers’ “lifetime warranties” can cover as little as 7 years or less


  • It’s important that you choose a playground manufacturer that maintains rigorous colour and finish standards for fade-resistance, gloss retention and durability. Your play equipment should be designed to withstand the demands of extreme heat, harsh climates, moisture and UV exposure.


  • Does the manufacturer offer playground components that are engineered to move? This type of equipment will stimulate and develop children’s balance, depth perception, coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Safety & Compliance:

  • Is the manufacturer’s products IPEMA certified to CAN/CSA-Z614? Being an IPEMA member only is simply not enough.

Quality Assurance:

  • Is the manufacturer ISO 9001:2015 certified? This assures you of a consistently well-manufactured product.

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Does the manufacturer offer products manufactured using a high content of recycled material?
  • Is the manufacturer ISO 14001:2015 certified? This assures you that the manufacturer is committed to the prevention of pollution and environmental management practices.